A free e-card that can make a difference on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, just like in the past few, my husband will sneak out of our room when the children wake up.

He’ll do his best to keep them quiet while I sleep in (a rare treat), and at some point they’ll all burst into my room with breakfast.

But there won’t be any gifts. At least, none purchased by my husband. We decided a few years ago that we weren’t going to buy gifts for one another on Mother’s and Father’s Day. Instead, the day will be about whatever the kids come up with, and spending time together as a family.

We realized that we have too much stuff already, and there wasn’t anything we really needed. Full disclosure: we don’t do gifts on Valentine’s Day or our anniversary either.

When I started working with SOS Children’s Villages Canada to promote their Mother’s Day e-card campaign, it was a perfect fit.

From now until May 14, anyone can send one of SOS’s beautifully designed cards for free, and it will prompt a donation from Intact Insurance. The more cards sent, the bigger the donation – up to $50,000.

The money will go to SOS’s Family Strengthening Program which gives mothers in need the necessary tools and resources to help them raise their family.

The more I learned about these programs, the more I wanted to know. I began reading first-hand accounts of those who had benefitted directly from these programs, and I was blown away.

For example, take the story of Carren Akinyi Modi, a mother of seven living in Kenya. Carren and her family lived in a small mud-walled home that leaked when it rained. With help from the family strengthening program, Carren was able to rebuild her home and secure a small loan to start her own business. Her family now has a more comfortable space to live, and everything they need to eat and attend school.

There is also Jamal, a single mother of three living in Lebanon, who was living in terrible conditions, leaving her children at home all day while she worked. With the help of SOS Children’s Villages, she is now building a new home for her family, and was given a tailoring machine to start her own business sewing products to sell in her neighbourhood.

We know there are people in need here at home, and far away.

I had already decided I didn’t want a day at the spa or a new this-or-that. I don’t need anything.

What would really make my heart burst on Mother’s Day is to hear my daughter talk about how she decided to help somebody.

Honour your mother by empowering another: now that’s a gift that I truly love.

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