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532888_10151807536915206_377539642_nThis is where I exist outside my home; behind the scenes producing a television show where I can control when things happen, how long they run, and all the fine details.

At home things are much different. Both my babies arrived late, the preschooler hardly ever listens to me, and we are never on time. Oh and those fine details? Let’s just say things aren’t always in their place. But I love my life. I’m married to a wonderful man and we have two of the best kids around: big G is three-and-a-half and little G is six months old.

Both kids are home with me during my year-long maternity leave (hooray Canada!) and figuring out what to do each day has been an interesting adventure (no joke – I googled ‘stay at home mom schedule’ before this started to try and get a sense of how each day should go)!

On top of the madness of just getting through each day, I’ve decided to use this time to finally do the things I’ve pinned, the recipes I’ve cut out, and activities I’ve always wanted to try.

I started this blog to document our adventures and exercise my mind in a different way.

Thanks for joining us!

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