About Me


For 14 years, I worked in the television industry doing everything from researching and writing, to producing and reporting on-air.

Most recently, I spent most of my time at work behind the scenes, producing a show where I had control over when things happened, how long they ran, and all the fine details.

At home things are much different. Both my babies arrived late, the preschooler hardly ever listens to me, and we are never on time. Oh and those fine details? Let’s just say things aren’t always in their place. But I love my life. I’m married to a wonderful man and we have two of the best kids around: big G is three-and-a-half and little G is six months old.

After my second maternity leave I decided to make a major change, leave the news industry and start a new career in communications. I work with an amazing team and have a boss that understands the difficult balance of life at home and work, but I’m still working out how to juggle it all!

On top of the madness of just getting through each day, I am trying to stay on top of this blog. It’s great inspiration to seek out new activities, new recipes, and new things to try with my children.

Thanks for joining us!

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