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Every day is a new experience. Here I’ll tell you about some of the wildest rides.

My Little Pony theme party

Last week my daughter turned 4 and we hosted her friends (and ours) with a My Little Pony party at our home.
We had so much fun putting together the games and activities.
Here are all the details

How to make cloth diapering easy (and stick with it)

We used cloth diapers eagerly when big G was born, but had given up before she was three-months-old.

When baby #2 came along I decided I wanted to try cloth again. This time I would do it differently.

I’ve learned a lot and we are happily still using cloth almost 10 months in.

The simple trick I use to stop my daughter’s bedtime stalling

Our almost four year old is suddenly coming downstairs after we’ve put her to bed, complaining that she can’t sleep. Either that, or she stands at the top of the stairs sobbing until one of us goes up to see what’s wrong. Here is my simple trick to help her stay in bed.

Boredom buster: spray bottle painting (and five other fun things to do with paint)

If you’re pressed for time read only the next three lines: Step one: mix washable paint with some water in a spray bottle (picked up at a dollar store) Step… Read more »

The dare that had me stop fighting gender stereotypes in favour of fun

She dared me.

My three-year-old daughter dared me.

Sure, she doesn’t know what a dare is, but when I suggested she and I could make her a wooden garden box, she scrunched up her face and said “maybe daddy should do it.”

That’s all she had to say for me to get my back up. Did she think we couldn’t do it because we’re girls?