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The top toys my kids actually play with long after they’re opened

The Christmas toy flyers have arrived in the mail and the request for Christmas lists have come in from family so there has been a lot of talk about wish lists around my house.
The struggle is to figure out what toys will actually be played with.
Here’s my list of top toys my kids actually play with for those of you looking for a good gift for ages 0-4:

How to make cloth diapering easy (and stick with it)

We used cloth diapers eagerly when big G was born, but had given up before she was three-months-old.

When baby #2 came along I decided I wanted to try cloth again. This time I would do it differently.

I’ve learned a lot and we are happily still using cloth almost 10 months in.

Made in Canada

We are kind of a bunch of nerdy patriots in my house.
With that in mind, we recently started buying eggs and meat from local farmers. And when making purchases for our two kids, we always have an eye on buying Canadian-made.