Friday favourite: Boomerang Kids (or your local consignment shop)


A walking toy we bought for baby g at Boomerang Kids. I love that it doubles as a cart for imaginary play for years to come.

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Living in Ottawa, I had always heard good things about the local children’s consignment shop, Boomerang Kids.

I don’t think we ever shopped there when we just had big G. Great friends handed down their used baby gear (love them!) and boxes of clothes. She was also spoiled rotten being the first baby girl grandchild on both sides. And we saved everything we had knowing we wanted another child.

When baby g came along – a baby boy, not a girl like big G – we dug out all the neutral clothes and things we had and started bagging up the rest. Most went to friends or local charities, but I started taking a few items to Boomerang. We had used Kijiji to buy and sell in the past, and I have bought many an item off buy and sell groups on Facebook, but I liked the ease of going in and dropping things off and then looking around as you would in any store.

What really hooked me was my search for winter boots last year. I couldn’t find the type big G could put on herself in her size in any store. I checked Boomerang just in case and there was a pair in her size – in her favourite colour no less. And they were only $15.

For those of you that don’t know, Boomerang┬áhas second-hand clothes, toys and books, but they also sell some new items as well. I have heard many a parent talk about the great deals they snag on items there.

If you don’t live in Ottawa you might have a similar store in your neck of the woods. My sister snagged me a Becco Gemini baby carrier for $12 at her local consignment store in Milton, Ontario. Those are $179 new.

The best part is, once you have an account and your balance builds you can either cash it out or use it to buy new (used) things. I was in there one day, found a toy big G wanted for her birthday and realized I had forgotten my wallet. “Don’t you have an account?” the woman at the cash asked me. “Yes, I do.” “No wallet needed then.”

We’ve always been happy to buy, borrow or accept things second-hand but now I’m a huge fan of consignment shopping. It makes me happy to know I’m supporting a local business, and also other families like ours.

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