My favourite stain fighting secrets

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My co-worker taught me a French phrase “les chats ne font pas des chiens.” A direct translation is ‘dogs don’t make cats,’ but it is like the English phrase ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ And I have found a lot of time to use it lately.

One area my children (all children?) seem to get from me is the ability to stain their clothes while eating. Watermelon is the worst and I don’t understand it; how can something so full of water, so thoroughly stain clothes?

I recently discovered something that works on watermelon, and have figured out a few tricks to tackle different stains along my journey of motherhood and decided I would put them in one post (and hopefully you will comment below with more ticks and tricks).

Laundry Miracle

The folks at Mother ease cloth diapers told me about this one. I was telling them about my frustrations with my front-loading washing machine and they suggested I give it a go. It is liquid gold.

It has a strong smell. I think it smells like banana, my husband says it’s turpentine. It doesn’t stop him from using it.

I had this beautiful, silky, flowing tank top I bought for work (100% polyester apparently) and little g put his tomato-sauce-covered hand on it. I was so sad. I washed it but there was a little oil stain. I put some Laundry Miracle on it and washed it again – stain gone!

Here is another example of it at work:


Above: the dreaded watermelon before and after Laundry Miracle


Above: blue icing stains before and after Laundry Miracle

Now I just need to try it on things like grass stains, paint stains (my daughter refuses to wear a smock, it seems) etc.

OxiClean + Dawn dish soap

I have to credit my mom for this one. It works well on the dreaded breast milk poop stain. It can easily remove breast milk spit up stains as well!

My daughter had many a poop-splosion in her disposable diapers so we tested this mixture out a lot! I never measured (sorry). One scoop of OxiClean, a squirt of Dawn in the laundry sink and some hot water to soak the clothes and then wash normally. Everything came out completely stain-free.

My mom pulled out some of my baby clothes and wanted to pass them down to my daughter but found 30-year-old spit up stains on them. A quick soak in this mixture and the baby clothes looked like new again!

Also – it works well on blueberry stains on clothes. Though, for some reason I found I had to wash the item once and then soak it in Oxi/Dawn and then wash it again.

It doesn’t work on watermelon stains, though.


With little g we have been much more successful with cloth diapers. We haven’t had to deal with blowouts, but we obviously had to deal with stained cloth diapers. I remember telling a friend about my OxiClean/Dawn mix and she said “why would I use chemicals when I could use the sun?”

It seemed like a strange thing to say at the time, but when I tried sunning a diaper a few months later I was amazed at how thoroughly the stain was removed. All I did was wet the stained diaper and lay it outside and a few hours later – it was white again.

I don’t have a before/after shot for you because I honestly don’t have any stained cloth diapers. While the weather is nice, I hang them out to dry and they come back in spotless, plus we saved money on electricity and killed any bacteria in the diaper. Win, win, win!

Goo Gone

To be totally honest, I haven’t tried this. A good friend wrote me to tell me how well it worked, so I had to include it!

According to Wendy, Goo Gone gets clothing sticker sticky stuff off clothes. You know when those long sticky tags on clothes leave a path of stick destruction in their wake? Of course, washing the garment only adds to the problem.

Wendy tried Goo Gone on a particularly bad sticky mess and it worked!

Her note to me: “circular rubbing of the garment with a clean Goo Gone saturated cloth pulled the sticky stuff up into little gummy balls which fell right off.”

Now, I need to try that one on the sticky mess left behind by random stickers G puts on our clothes that we forget about! 😛

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