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Last week my daughter turned 4 and we hosted her friends (and ours) with a My Little Pony party at our home.

Because of my trick to help my daughter stop stalling and go to sleep, we have been planning this party for months. G and I had a lot of fun talking about possible games and activities that matched each of the “mane” ponies on the show.

I hadn’t planned on doing so much for the party. I always tell people “you don’t have to go crazy for a party. Kids just want to see their friends and play with new toys!” But in the end we actually had a lot of fun putting everything together.

Here are all the details:

Apple Jack’s apple toss game


This one was my favourite because big G thought of it all by herself. Laying in bed one night I started the conversation about the party and asked her to think of some games. “I know,” she piped up, “we can throw apples in a basket!”

That turned in to a bean bag toss using apple boxes from my husband’s grandmother’s apple farm.

Big G was a bit disappointed they weren’t throwing real apples – or even toy ones – but I already had the bean bags on hand and wasn’t about to try and find toy apples for a game.

There was  no prize, though you could make it more competitive with older kids. You could even set it up a bit like horseshoes or washer toss.

Pinkie Pie’s punch game


I saw something like this on Pinterest. It’s usually made with cardboard or a sheet of bristol board but my husband decided he would get a scrap piece of wood from the store so we can use it again and again (this is some sort of particle board).

Essentially we measured and cut holes in the board, glued tissue paper behind the holes and used a hot glue gun to glue cups with prizes on top of the tissue paper.

The kids got to punch whichever hole they wanted and won the prize inside.

For older kids you could make them answer a trivia question or use a spinner to decide which colour they have to punch.

I underestimated a young child’s love of candy and gum, though, and only put a couple candy prizes and a lot of little toys like hot wheels, glow bracelets, play doh and bubbles. For things that were bigger than the cups I put a piece of paper with the prize written on it.

In the end, a lot of kids asked if I had more gum.

Spike’s balloon pop


Like the punch game, there wasn’t much strategy to this. We used a wooden dowel with a push pin taped to one end as the “popper” and the kids took turns popping the balloon they wanted. Inside each balloon was a piece of paper with a prize written on it.

Some of the kids just liked popping the balloons and forgot all about the prize!

Pin the tail on Fluttershy


I wasn’t sure how the little kids would do with this game but they all really enjoyed it! My husband turned them around three times and directed them to the board and they had to stick on the tail. The person closest to Fluttershy won.

It was so close, we had to pull out the tape measure to confirm a winner!

I printed the picture of Fluttershy and three pages of tails at Staples and just cut out the tails for each player. (Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you the files for the signs and Fluttershy game)

Rarity’s dress-up corner


I think for older children you could turn this into a photo booth and it would be so much fun! For these little ones, I just emptied out our dress-up bin and hung up a sign.

It went ignored for a long time but by the end of the party, some kids were running around in costumes.

Twilight Sparkle’s bouncy castle2016-5626

We rented a bouncy castle from Di Cocco Bouncy Castle Rentals last year and it was a lot of fun. The company delivers the castle, sets it up and returns up to six-hours later to take it down (and we found their prices reasonable).

G said she wanted it again so we got it, but it’s probably the last year we do that because I don’t think it was used by G and her friends as much as I had hoped. There were  a few times when it stood empty.

The younger guests seemed to really enjoy it. There were a few littles who refused to leave the castle, which made me happy! But big G and the other kids seemed to have more fun doing other things.

The Rainbow Dash dash

Creative title, right?

Sadly, we never got to do the Rainbow Dash dash. Partly because we ran out of time, and partly because it rained all morning so the grass was too wet.

I really wanted to make this an activity for the babies at the party. I bought each one a brightly coloured headband and we were going to have them race. Cute, right? Just me? Unfortunately, hardly any of the babies were walking so a race on the wet grass just wasn’t an option.

For the big kids we were going to have them walk quickly across the grass with a cherry tomato on a spoon. Big G didn’t want to run so this was the next best option.

The cake


The cake isn’t that pretty but I wanted to show it to you for one reason: the icing.

I made homemade buttercream icing and coloured it with beet puree! It got the idea from this blog. Our guests thought it tasted like strawberry!


After all the planning and preparation the kids spent a big chunk of time having a dance party in big G’s room. I should have just blocked the top floor off to the guests but the party light and house-bed were a big draw.

I think next time I’ll set up the light somewhere else so the dance party can be closer to the rest of the party.

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