People are taking pics of their kids in #objectsforoutfits and I love it!

Social media is a total time thief and we all know it.

Here is the latest wormhole to devour chunks of my time: #objectsforoutfits.

I first noticed it when @jenniferatkinson posted this adorable photo:

When she posted a second, similar photo I had to click on the account she credits for inspiring her posts, @allthatisshe. It’s no surprise Dominique, the woman behind @allthatisshe, is an Instagram growth coach – her account is beautiful! Her latest series began with a photo of her daughter in a watermelon dress

a few weeks later she posted this photo, and an Insta-series was born:

Now others are getting in on the fun


And it’s not just for kids…

Personally, I think it’s sweet…

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