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The top toys my kids actually play with long after they’re opened

The Christmas toy flyers have arrived in the mail and the request for Christmas lists have come in from family so there has been a lot of talk about wish lists around my house.
The struggle is to figure out what toys will actually be played with.
Here’s my list of top toys my kids actually play with for those of you looking for a good gift for ages 0-4:

The dare that had me stop fighting gender stereotypes in favour of fun

She dared me.

My three-year-old daughter dared me.

Sure, she doesn’t know what a dare is, but when I suggested she and I could make her a wooden garden box, she scrunched up her face and said “maybe daddy should do it.”

That’s all she had to say for me to get my back up. Did she think we couldn’t do it because we’re girls?