#TriedIt: BABYBJORN Playard

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We had the opportunity to try the BABYBJORN Playard on our recent trip to the U.K. Up until now we were using a Graco Pack ‘n Play, which has definitely done its job over the past four years. We used it as a bassinet at first, brought it to friends’ homes for dinners, and on several trips – overseas and closer to home.

We also struggled with the Pack ‘n Play. After having it in storage for a while between children I remember fighting with it one day trying to open it up – completely forgetting how to use it.

When working on a post about travelling with children, I was doing a little bit of research and came upon the BABYBJORN Playard and wanted to give it a try.

At a mere 13 pounds, it is 9 pounds lighter than our current playpen. I kept nearly tossing it in the air when I picked it up because it was so much lighter than I expected. It was possibly the lightest thing we had in terms of luggage.

Which brings me to its size and shape. Unlike any playpen I’ve seen before, the BABYBORN playard packs up into the shape of a suitcase. Which is handy for travel – by air and car.

It’s also very easy to set up, as you can see in the video below.

The other thing that I found appealing was the mattress. It’s much thicker and softer than the Pack ‘n Play. My husband always worried the playpen wasn’t comfortable for the children, so he would fold blankets and put them under the sheet to make things more comfier. I remember one trip when big G was a baby, where we used whatever was available at our hotels. At first we were given regular playpens and G slept as we expected given she wasn’t at home (read: not well). Then we were given a regular crib with a proper mattress and she had an incredible night. I wondered if there was something to my husband’s concern.

On our trip to the U.K. little g slept in until 8:30 every day! It was amazing! While I can’t say it was definitely the playpen, it happened again and again for ten days and we actually came home rested.

I think the fact that the bottom of the playpen rests right on the floor makes it more comfortable as well.

The only downside I’ve found is the price. at $349 it’s nearly $200 more than the basic Graco Pack ‘n Play. That said, I think if I could do it all over again, I might spend less on certain items and invest a bit more in something like the playpen which we have used so often.

I give it a ‘high five.’

Note: buybuy BABY let me borrow a BABYBJORN Playard for the purpose of this review. The product choice and opinions are all my own – honest and unvetted.


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