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When I think of Cetaphil I immediately think ‘gentle.’ I remember it from my acne-prone teenage years. While every other brand was promoting benzoyl peroxide, polishing beads, or other harsh ingredient to rid your skin of blemishes, Cetaphil stood out as the soap-free, gentle face wash. It was recommended by my doctor and I remember finding it strange because there was no lather or scrub to it, but I’m sure my face breathed a sigh of relief whenever I used it.

Since then, it continues to be a brand of cleanser and moisturizer that works well with my skin.

When I was offered a chance to try the line of Cetaphil Baby products, I automatically said yes. Gentle is exactly what I want for my children’s precious skin. I didn’t know they had a baby line, and when I mention it to friends most say the same thing. Of course, my older sister said she is already using the products on her two boys. 😛

I was sent four products:

G was excited to see a package come to the door and we immediately dug in. She insisted on smelling each one and her observations made me laugh. According to her…

I guess I forgot to let her smell the lotion because that’s all I had in my notes. I personally found they all smell quite nice, but not overpowering.

To be honest, we don’t use soap all that often with the kids, and don’t bathe them every day. They have dry skin and curly hair, and washing them too often can make them even drier. In the summer that becomes a bit problematic because at the end of a good day, they’re covered in sunscreen, sweat (baby g runs hot), sand, and anything else they can get themselves into. We have no choice but to put them in the tub more often. Consider exhibit A:

I decided to wash the kids more often for a few weeks to truly test how gentle and moisturizing the Cetaphil products are. Both washes are free from parabens, colourants, and mineral oil and are hypoallergenic.

The Wash & Shampoo is thin, but lathers up really well. It’s a nice texture – especially for newborns. For baby g, I put a small amount in his hair and have enough suds to wash his whole body (a plus when you are dealing with a grumpy baby as it speeds up the process). I feel like this bottle is going to last a long time. It’s also tear-free and we accidentally put this to the test. Some of the soap ended up in big G’s eyes while I was washing her hair and she didn’t even flinch (and that’s not like her… she would would normally let me know if there was soap in her eyes!). It rinses away very clean and leaves a really nice, delicate smell I catch during bedtime cuddles.

I used the Ultra Moisturizing Wash on big G’s body because it contains 1/3 moisturizer and her skin was particularly dry at the time. The calendula extract in both washes is said to calm and soothe dry skin. A few baths in, I decided to also use the Ultra Moisturizing Wash on her hair out of curiosity and I have to say, her hair felt clean, smelled nice, and felt soft – not oily. I have continued to use it on her hair and body just to add a bit of something extra to those curly locks.

Side note: the bottle is non-slip and spill free. Great when dealing with squirmy babies!

After the bath we followed up with the Moisturizing Oil and Lotion. Before having children, I didn’t really think you had to work for that soft baby skin, but my two definitely need something to keep their skin feeling soft.

I tried the Moisturizing Oil on baby g and absolutely loved it. You can read more about why, here. It is by far my favourite product of the bunch. It has a great texture, absorbs well, and leaves his skin (and my hands) really soft.

Big G wanted to try the Daily Lotion. I was surprised by how thin it was; I have tried many different lotions on both kids and they have been much thicker, so I was a bit skeptical. That said, it was easy to smooth over her skin and it didn’t take a lot to complete the job. One funny thing we noticed – it didn’t cause the ‘sticky body’ situation that other lotions create, which can cause some real frustration when it comes time to put PJ’s on. That is a big plus in G’s eyes! When we started, her arms were very dry with little bumps on her triceps. A month later her arms are soft and the bumps are gone. This with extra washing as well!

A quick check on prices shows the Cetaphil Baby line runs about the same price as other brands in this class. The oil and moisturizer are a bit more expensive than some other products, but the bottles are big, and they worked better than any other products I have tried.

I give them all a high ‘5’ rating.

For babies, I think each one is a great option.

At nearly 5-years-old, I think I will start looking for different shampoo options for big G (something that works well with her beautiful curls), but we will continue to use the daily moisturizer and oil on her.

All four products are great options for little g.

My promise to you: I want to see how long these bottles last. My bet is a very long time, but I will let you know. I will also add a note in the winter, when their skin can get really bad.

Note: Cetaphil Baby sent me products to test for this review. The opinions are all mine – honest and unvetted.

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