#Triedit: reusable food pouches

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When G started eating solid foods, we made most of our baby food (read: smashed up food we had already cooked), but there was no denying the convenience of the baby food pouches available at the store. They were great for snacks or meals on the go, and when she figured out how to hold them (without squishing everything out) it was a great way to let her feed herself.

We did babyled weaning with little g and he actually shunned mushy food of any sort for the longest time – including baby cereal, applesauce and yogurt. Eventually we convinced him to try a food pouch because he could hold it himself, and he was happy.  0nce again, we tried to keep a few on hand for snacks on the go.

The only problem was the waste. We have been trying our best to reduce waste in our house so I started to look at reusable food pouches. 

When big G was little I was nervous for some reason. They looked hard to clean, and I wasn’t sure what I would put in them.

But a friend reminded me of them when G started school. She said they were great for a litterless lunch. She would make smoothies and freeze them in the pouches so they could serve as an ice pack and a yummy snack by her child’s second ‘nutrition break.’ (Our kids don’t have a traditional lunch period, they have two nutrition breaks)

She even passed one along to me. It was a Little Green Pouch and I loved it immediately! I made some smoothies and the pouch came home empty a few days in a row. Until it didn’t. Apparently I hadn’t made it clear to G that the pouch wasn’t supposed to be put in the garbage. I guess we just got lucky those first few days.

I decided to try some Squooshi pouches, since they were so cute. I was able to find a Canadian site to buy them one at a time or in a six-pack. I had found the Little Green Pouch a bit difficult to clean and dry so I wanted to try something different.

G and I talked about not throwing out the Squooshi pouch and now, months later, we still use them almost every week. I continue to make smoothies, but it’s also great for something like applesauce or yogurt. You can buy a bigger container and just spoon some into the pouch for the day instead of buying the individual cups.

I personally find the Squooshi pouches easier to clean and stretch them open over something to dry. So far, so good.

I have decided to go all in and get a six-pack for next year.

And yes… I also put food picks that look like eyes in my daughter’s lunch. It’s my attempt at getting fancy :P.

**Note: if you currently use food pouches from the store and are considering the switch to reusable pouches, save your lids! They fit both the Little Green Pouch and Squooshi and you are probably going to lose a lid or two!

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