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Note:  buybuy BABY allowed me to borrow the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller to test out on our trip to the UK. Product selection and all opinions are my own!

I didn’t know I could love a stroller…

I know strollers, let me tell you! I made the mistake of trying to go cheap when it came time to buy our first stroller. Before my daughter turned two I believe we had tried at least five strollers, all purchased second-hand, one purchased and resold online within 5 hours because we knew as soon as we had it at home it wasn’t going to work.

The thing is, you use your stroller almost every day; it is a very important piece of baby gear. Buying one that will really work for your family will eliminate so much frustration in your life.

I think of all the time I struggled to drink a coffee and push the stroller at the same time (almost impossible with a bad stroller). One time I had to leave my stroller at a stranger’s home because I couldn’t get it to fold and it wouldn’t fit in the back of my car open.

My advice to new parents now is to invest in a good stroller

When I walked in to buybuy BABY I already knew I wanted to review the UPPAbaby G-Luxe. After chatting with their baby gear expert about what we were looking for, she agreed it was going to be a good option and that made me even more excited to give it a go – she really seems to know her stuff!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We were planning a trip to the UK and I started researching the best travel strollers. The ones we had just wouldn’t do. One umbrella stroller in our garage required you to physically kick the wheels into place before moving if you decided to change directions and was so short both my husband and I had to bend over to hold the handles. Nevermind the fact that it didn’t recline and had barely any sunshade.

The G-Luxe weighs in at a nice 15 lbs and is quick and easy to fold and unfold. It reclines nearly flat and has an extra large sunshade. It also has a feature that allows the stroller to stand up when folded, which is something I didn’t even know I wanted but it came in handy at he many ‘stroller parks’ we encountered while exploring castles and whatnot on our trip.

It doesn’t fold up as flat as our cheaper strollers and the stand up feature doesn’t always work when you don’t have perfectly flat ground. But that’s where the limitations end. We really loved this stroller and we put it to the test! We took this puppy where no stroller should go (but where we really wanted to go!): cobblestone streets, gravel trails, and in the woods. We hauled it up steep steps and narrow staircases.


The G-Luxe is a breeze to use and it honestly made me happy. I know that sounds over the top but it’s amazing what a difference a good stroller can make. Go to buybuy BABY with a full coffee in hand, put something heavy in the seat and walk around the store using only one hand on the stroller and you’ll see what I mean.

We also ended up having a direct comparison when we decided to bring one of our other umbrella strollers on the trip for our older daughter knowing we would want to walk more than she would be able to.

Nothing crystallizes the comparison better than a day in Skipton, UK. I’m pretty sure my son was in the old stroller and G was in the G-Luxe (so I had the heavier child) and both my husband and I had fresh coffees in our hand. I was able to easily turn and push my stroller with one hand without losing any coffee while my husband cursed and struggled to maneuver his stroller, spilling coffee in the process. I looked at him and we both decided that stroller needs to go in the trash upon our return. There is no going back!

Even the kids fought over who got to ride in the G-Luxe so I’m guessing it’s more comfortable. The seat is padded and the all-wheel suspension makes for a smoother ride. The seat pad can also be removed and thrown in the wash (thank goodness).

Emily from buybuy BABY in Ottawa also pointed out there is a travel bag for the stroller and that’s one accessory I would suggest if you are travelling by air often. It came off each flight a little bit dirtier than it went in.

All in all, I give this a high five!


*I would argue you probably don’t need much more in a stroller once your child is able to use the G-Luxe. There are also other UPPAbaby models that can take you from birth to preschool.

Check out the entire line of strollers available at buybuy BABY, here.


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